Sneak Preview:

 The "Pocket Walker"

Started late last year, the "Pocket Walker" was designed to experiment with some interesting new concepts for walking robots.  The main objective of the project was to develop a robot that was dramatically smaller than most others, while at the same time eliminating some things that have become characteristic of most designs.  At just 3-1/2" tall, Pocket Walker  shifts its weight at the hips and lacks "ski poles" to maintain balance.  Since the first phase of this project was only to develop the mechanics for walking, little time was spent on the electronics.  The pcb on the left side of the robot contains a Basic Stamp II which executes standard "Toddler" code (Parallax walker in background) to make the robot walk.  A second pcb on the right side of the robot will be dedicated to various sensors and a video transmitter.  A tiny "sugar cube" camera will be suspended between the front legs to provide vision.  Since the robot does not pivot at the ankles like most others, the image will be relatively stable when walking.  No further information about "Pocket Walker" is being released at this time.  Please bookmark this site to follow our progress.

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